Play Euromillions online

Euromillions is growing in popularity every day. It is a lottery game for players in Europe to come together and play. The concept is that you need to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and then you can also pick random lucky star numbers from 11 down to 1. The minimum you can do is pick a panel of numbers. You can now play Euromillions online too!

You can either select numbers or the picking can be done automatically for you. This is especially useful for those last minute buyers or those who are in a rush after work. There is a how to play booklet which you can obtain from the euromillion site as well. This gives detailed information about how you can play online. You can register on sites like to once you are 18 years of age and begin playing. There are many options actually. You can play the daily million, the lotto and the telly bingo too if you like. This is purely down to personal preference. Telly Bingo is where all payslips are generated randomly and you don’t have any slips as such. You need to wait for the draw and watch it through your television sets.

The Funniest & Craziest Smurf LoL Videos

There are several players nowadays with smurf accounts it’s inevitable you will see some funny smurf Rofl occasions in game. Whether it is a pro player one handedly destroying the other team or an expert getting outsmarted by a noob, many of these occasions are too funny. Lucky for you we’ve trawled the net and found the funniest smurf LoL videos for your viewing pleasure. So relax and enjoy these funny moments.

Dyrus Pls

In this video, professional Rofl player Dyrus from Staff SoloMid that is known for playing top lane has on his smurf consideration with some low elo players. Although Dyrus is the most experienced player on his team even he can’t help but fall for this old trick. As soon as it happens he is aware of he’s been had but enjoys the moment anyhow.
Whenever your Team Won’t Remove

From this funny smurf Ha video, YouTuber ‘Feedtheshark’ has a complete channel dedicated to playing Fizz smurf fits. When you’re in a team fight your entire team needs to be collectively to get involved and win the battle. Of course not everyone in low elo understands this and would prefer to watch their team die which is just what happens in this video.

The Lucky Avoid

In this video professional LoL player Bjergsen who is the mid laner for Team SoloMid performs Zed in the middle lane. He pretty much destroys everyone as he is playing against lower elo players. This funny minute occurs Bjergsen think’s your dog is easily secured a destroy simply to get out enjoyed and leave everyone surprised.
The Baits

In this video Rabia also known as ‘Nightblue3’, a professional player who used to play jungle for Staff SoloMid plays Master Yi in the jungle. Found in this clip he gets baited into a deal with that looks too good to be true and ends up getting rekt. No matter the skill level of the individual there are sometimes opportunities that are just too good to let get away.

Just At the time you Thought You’d probably Got Aside

This videos features professional streamer BoxBox playing on a single of his many smurf accounts with his favourite champion Riven. BoxBox gains a lead during the game until he gets a lttle bit too greedy and overreaches causing this funny moment of cat and mouse.

Genuinely is endless you’ve appreciated these funny smurf Ha videos. Should you be buying a high quality smurf account with IP and RP be certain to check our store below to see our range of smurf accounts.

Best Clash of king hack tool is here

Clash of kings game is a very popular game and is liked and played by many.  Many people these days are looking for a working and robust clash of king hack so that can play the game with no stress and get relieved out of the restrictions the game impose. Why to waste money when the hack is available. In this post, I will share very good news about the clash of kings Hack. Here is the clash of king cheats.

clash of kings hack tool

The good news is that you can hack clash of king online.

Clash of kings hacks is now available to download. But most of the sites that report that they have an app available for hack are fake and will take you through a series of ads and will bait you to spend your money but you will never get the app downloaded. The tip is besides going for downloading a file or software you can access the working   online generator that will help you enter or insert the following information into the game. i.e. you can:

  1. Insert the amount of Gold to generate- Number of Gold to hack.
  2. Insert the amount of Wood to generate- Number of Wood to hack.
  3. Insert the amount of Food to generate- the number of food to hack.

What’s next. Now you need nothing but a link for convenient to use online clash of kings hack tool. We have found the best tool for you.

By using this site, you will be able to hack the game and play on your will. All you need to do is to enter your clash of kings username and the details for the amount of gold, wood and food to generate. There is no point wasting money if hack tools can do the wonder.


I hope that this article on the clash of kings hack was helpful for you.  Happy Playing.




My review to lol elo boost by and why i think they are Freaking Great!!!

Why I started this review?

After being some time involved in DotA’s World, I wanted to make the jump to LoL, the main reason is that many of my old pals moved from DotA to LoL in the last year, so i say why not give it a test?

Even when the game have similar in many things there are other areas that drift appart. At start it was hard for me so i decide to search a little boots that would allow me to advance faster on the game, that when i began to read about smurf accounts and lol boost and I dound the people. I wanted to clarify my doubts before buying from then and this is a little share of the chat we held together over skype.

Here is the whole chat for you to read:


How can this ongoing service work?

You pay us for increasing your performance in ranked game titles. You give us your account and we play on your consideration. We’ve a lot of players which are in least in diamonds league who guarantee the product quality and speed necessary for your order.

What makes sure my profile won’t get taken?

The security of your accounts is provided by a credit card applicatoin designed by our developers. With this request the gain access to is experienced by no booster to your private details.

Do the boosters hold the usage of my IP and RP?

No, the usage of the shop is obstructed by our request.

Is only going to one booster play on my account?

No. Our bodies is designed which means that your order is completed as quickly as possible, which explains why whichever booster can be obtained will play on your bank account.

Can the lol elo boost play with the champion or role that I’d like?

You can choose champions and roles that you would want to be employed by our lol elo boost.

MAY I watch the game titles performed by the booster on my accounts?

Yes, you may use your smurf accounts or online scouters to view it.

Can the booster is approached by me beyond the game?

Yes, on your order site which support chat used to get hold of the booster or an administrator.

There were no games performed on my take into account hours now, how come this happen?

There’s lots of reasons why this may happen. If there are no server problems then you should contact the administrators through the contact page. We will solve all your problems gladly.

MAY I play on my profile while you’re focusing on it?

Yes but prior to the game you’ll need to check in case a booster isn’t presently participating in on your bill. After you’ve ensured that no booster is participating in on your profile, you can pause your order. Understand that you can play all game modes aside from ranked single/duo 5v5.

I’ve made my payment, what now?

After your payment you’ll be redirected to a full page with the subscription process (you’ll also get a confirmation hyperlink on your e-mail). Once you enter that webpage, you must create a fresh account unless you curently have one. Following the creation of your profile you’ll need to visit the order site and add your account. After you have done that , your bank account will be equipped for improving.



After this chat i decide to give it a try and wow!!! they have a really good service and I am glad i pick them up, because they deliver what they offer fast and pain free.

2016 top 10 Games

Star Fox Zero

Release date: 21 April 2016
Available to pre-order from: Amazon, GAME
Platforms: Wii U

A thrilling game via Nintendo this full 12 months is Superstar Fox Zero, the 6th instalment in the Superstar Fox series. It had been anticipated to be released in November of 2015 but was pressed back to Apr when it became clear which it wouldn’t prepare yourself on time.

The overall game is level-based and works together with the Wii U GamePad, which you’ll want to use to regulate the Arwing as it flies around firing enemies.

Ratchet & Clank

We can’t wait for the new Ratchet & Clank game, which will be a re-imagining of the original Ratchet & Clank that came out for PlayStation in 2002, but with some all-new weapons and some weapons and features you’ll be familiar with from later games.

slideshow image


Release date: 3 May 2016
Available to pre-order from: Amazon, GAME, ShopTo, Zavvi
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

slideshow image

First-person shooter Battleborn is slated for release in 2016 and we’re getting fired up. It’s a fun, colourful game that incorporates multiplayer online battle arena elements, set on a star called Solus where each species fled to in order to escape when their planets and stars were destroyed.